Pinwheel Arts Stationery Brand – Full Presentation

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Video Presentation :


Pinwheel Arts is a stationary brand that portray the fun and happiness in life, encourage people to appreciate the beauty of interest and to know a sense of arts, draw, creativity, and motivation. Mostly it is targeting for 7 to 15 years old with fun and playful characteristic.

Theme : Ice cream, is a concept to potray sweet and fun atmosphere in illustration, it is very suitable for children because its one of interest in their life. It must created by hand-drawn to show the beauty sense of artistic, apreaciate their hobby and favorites.


I went to a mall and explore some stationery shop around to take some photographs of the item as my references such as sketchbook, notebook, pencilbox. I was planning to get some ideas on how to start to design my own brand stationery, so I look at the visual elements how it tells story and what style it applied. After some photos taken I print out and stick on my sketchbook for analyzing like has shown pictures at the left.

Logo Inspiration

Fashion Forward Stationery
Premium Designer Notebooks
UK Lifestyle Stationery
Personalized Stationery
Funky Stationery & Gadget

Logo design is same important as the overall product design. Logo design reflects the brand identity and has a strong belief and personality which to provide to costumers. Therefore, some brands logo needed as references to develop my own brand in this project, logo should be memorable, confident, and represent the overall style of the product.

Illustration References

I was looking for some pattern illustration very attractive and fun such as food and nature. For a good start to get some ideas it was great to see some inspiration to get ideas how to potray happiness and playful illustration.


The logo inspired by a pinwheel or a windwheel toy because it represent fun and playful present. The logo brand gives the fun illustration and joyful visual to customers, because target audience is kids so they want something that related to their ages between 6 – 16 years old. What the brand stand for is to gives a fun happy life and joyful experience in life, encounrage people to love their life in every matters.


Original ice cream pattern illustration created by hand-drawn and transform into digital image trace.


Ice cream truck is a vehicle that gives happiness to little child, children loves and excited whenever see the truck because it gives them sweet and enjoyment if they buy the ice cream from it.



Grad Project Graphic Design_36Asset 4

Asset 1Asset 2


Grad Project Graphic Design_35

Asset 4Asset 5Asset 3

Greeting Card

Grad Project Graphic Design_38

Asset 1Asset 2Asset 3



Sketching out several ideas for the sticker.


This is the first idea packaging design separated by three dierent series and sizes.

This is the sticker label design for the packaging.

Asset 1Asset 2

Simple and fun ice cream stickers.  So the idea is to display all pattern and different sizes in one piece sticker and each of them can peel off.

Gift Wrapper

Asset 1gift-wrapper







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