Portfolio of College Project

Nature Pressed Orange Juice

Nature Pressed is a fresh and healthy orange juice made with every single drop of real squeeze oranges.  It’s for young adult such as student and worker give them to have a healthy lifestyle while working forget how to stay fit, this product gives a convenient and fast maintain their health daily.



Prego’s Pasta Kids Edition

A series of pasta packaging design designed for kids, aim to encourage to eat healthy vegetables everyday start from earlier young age.

Prego's Pasta Packaging
A series of pasta packaging design


100 Years Malaysia History Poster

A poster competititon held by wREGA featuring a historical poster to show past and future establisment in Malaysia.




This is my original manifesto in graphic design perspective, I believe there are 5 important keys that every designer must have.

manifesto-poster 1



Food Explorer

Food Explorer is a food finder application mobile which allow you easily find restaurant near your area, it’s also become a media social platform which allows you to communicate to others with your tasty food photograph.

Asset 8



Gaming & Stay Healthy Infographic

A data collection of gaming lifestyle which is to show a graphic chart how to stay healthy while enjoying your life playing games.  A series of artwork had created to interpret the result of survey based on the project title.











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