Pinwheel Arts Illustration Development

A Stationery Branding Project

Full Interim Presentation Video


Moodboard 1
Moodboard 2

A5 Notebook

This is my very beginning stage of drawing pattern design long before start this project, I thought maybe this idea could become my theme for the notebook cover.  it shows summer pattern to create the excitement of the outdoor activity during summer holiday.

Graduation Project Graphic Design Part 2_1
Summer Pattern

And this illustration shows the emoticon of coffee boy, it says many feeling when you drinking coffee or being a coffee maker as well.

Coffee Boy Emoticon

I was thinking design a notebook means you need to understand what is the main purpose using a notebook is to record your life, so I made camera emoticon as the idea of capturing moment or feeling in the life.

Camera Emoticon

I sketch out many ideas what is the best theme for children likes, I had an idea about animal pets, talking burger, and even I searched how to evoke hapiness emotion through visual.

Grad Project Graphic Design_20

I was thinking maybe create someting that children love to eat, like chocolate could become a theme for the product.  The image shown below is my chocolate illustration pattern drawn by color pencil, it has many different shapes of chocolate and has many little coco chips to make it fun around.


Grad Project Graphic Design_28
Chocolate Pattern


In the end, I decided to choose eat your favorite food I pick ice cream as the subject because it sweet food all children love it and not just them but even adult loves it very much.  Ice cream represent smooth, soft, sweet and innocent appearance which suited to all children to teenagers.Grad Project Graphic Design_27

So I made a lot of different type of ice cream in term of shape and size.  From analog drawing I convert to digital image trace in Adobe Illustrator and it become like the image shown below.  It made with color pencil on plain paper.

Pinwheel Arts_1
Ice Cream Pattern

Ice Cream Pattern Theme

These are my first tryouts of the illustration pattern.

Ice Cream Pattern 1
Ice Cream Pattern 2
Ice Cream Pattern 3

After that I show to my lecturer and it seems still something missing, it needs diversity in design and more interesting.  So first I make it larger so that it looks more attractive than before.

Ice Cream Pattern 6
Ice Cream Pattern 7

Thefor final last changes I create a massive of many different type of ice cream and combine them all together become a illustration pattern.  And also I created the back design cover of the notebook and the page design as well.



The label design should keep it simple so it the product is reabable for customer.

Grad Project Graphic Design_30
Eraser Label Design



For the Future Plan

Sketchbook & Greeting Card

I am planning to create more promotional items in this project such as A5 sketchbook, greeting card, giftwrapper, and stickers.  But for now so far I have started to get idea of using ice cream truck as my new subject for the illustration which will going to apply either sketchbook or greeting card.  That’s all from now thank you so much for watching.

Grad Project Graphic Design_31
Grad Project Graphic Design_34_2
Ice Cream Truck








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