Graduation Project Graphic Design Part 2 Proposal

Full Proposal Presentation Video

Project Title & Research

The Pattern Seasons

In this new coming project which is the part 2 of my final year graduation project, I am going to create something fun with pattern illustration.  I will create the iconic pattern represent each of seasons which are spring, summer, fall, and winter.  The aim of this project is to evoke the happiness of nature and to encourage to enjoy life where there is an opportunity exploring the excitement adventure of each seasons.  For example, in spring every plant and flower bloom beautifully, tea farm and other vegetables as well, people should travel and feel enjoy this moment to reduce anxiety and stress.  So are the summer season, will thinking about going to beach and fun with friends and family.  Fall, thinking about halloween month, and winter is falling snow and Christmas.  The point is with every design pattern season apply on stationary, posibble can help people to remember how much fun activities or stories that can occurred, so that people  will not feel desperate and get excited to have fun.  Another reason also I want to make interesting and playful pattern design on stationary so at the same time people feel attracted and feel happy to have it.  So in this project I will collaboration together with a stationary art brand in Malaysia, Salt x Paper.

Salt x Paper


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Salt x Paper is Stationary Brand in Malaysia who love for paper goods and passion to preserve ideas, memories and stories.  The items that they design anything related to paper goods such as notebooks, cards, lettersets, wrapping paper, stickers, etc.  They offer the opportunity for people to own pretty notebooks at affordable prices, and also to encourage people to write and draw or even journal – that is to express their feelings and ideas on paper.

To check the products please click the link below.

Salt x Paper Products




Noteworthie is a stationery brand that sells beautiful notebooks, paper and gift collections. Every item available at Noteworthie is earth-friendly and handcrafted. Their collection of gifts and items are sold online on their official website. Launched in August 2012, Noteworthie appeals to the sensibilities of stationery lovers in Malaysia, as their products bring a special lightness that can instantly brighten up any work space.

Pebble Paper Design


Founded by Anni Tai & Rachel Chew, Pebble Paper Design draws inspirations from whimsical illustrations and beautiful calligraphy. Found success from its first collection, titled as “The First Bloom”, Pebble Paper Design focuses mainly on designer notebooks and paper goods such as greeting cards and name cards. According to the duo, high end design doesn’t need to be expensive, which is why Pebble Paper Design aims to produce gorgeous, affordable products that are accessible worldwide via its online store.



Established in 2011, Mossery is a Malaysia-based stationery brand that caters to customers worldwide. Mossery has a dedicated team that includes three graphic designers, an illustrator, a printer and a marketer. By making fun and functional stationery products with the use of FSC grade paper from sustainable sources, Mossery aims to produce not just long lasting products but products that make a statement. Clearly, Mossery’s beautifully designed stationery with quality is what sets them apart.

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Design References

The composition of the orange and watermelon is just perpectly fit together, it look delicious and fruity feel of the overall design style.  The icons of the summer show very clear and simple style, it gives more space to generate idea and interpetation.  The leaves is just look great and original nature looking style.

Just a bunch of inspiration pattern design notebook that represent the four season, spring, summer, fall, and winter.


Intended Outcome

Stationary Set

I am going to create a series full collection of these six items that include of all four seasons.  These items work better to communicate to the user because they easy to access and affordable.



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