Nature Pressed | Orange Juice Brand Project Final Presentation


The Brief

Project Title: Nature Pressed Orange Juice Brand

Aim: Encourage people to consume juice and stay healthy during work time.Target Audience: 18 – 27 years old, student & worker

Objective: Create a new brand orange juice, and produce promotional items such as poster and shopping bag.

Target Audience: 18 – 27 years old, student & workerOrange Juice is full of vitamin C and

Orange Juice is a full source of vitamin C and give the good benefit health, it’s easy to consume, fast, and tasty.  While having a breakfast orange juice can provide you a complete vitamin C for your body to start your day fresh and healthy.  Pure Pressed is made by pure ingredient from nature farm and gives you the best taste of natural orange juice ingredient.  This project is to show my talent of my artwork and personality design style of myself, everything you see is my original illustration and area of my interest.



Screenshot (51)

The issue in this project is lack of vitamin C can cause tiredness and weakness based on the website from ( , therefore it is possible can affect student or worker productivity during work because of the symptoms.  The solution of the project is creating a orange juice brand that can build a trust to convince people to consume the product and stay healthy.  Besides that, there are some benefit of Vitamin C such as can reduce stress, colds,stroke, skin aging, reduce risk of cancer, and cardiovascular disease based on the website from (


The competitors of orange juice are many in the market and become very successful product, there are some brands that picked based on survey society consumption amount of purchase or favorite choices.  The Brands are Marigold Peel Fresh, Tropicana Twister, and Minute Maid, the product sell with economic price and with tasty flavor as well, the product also is convenient to carry around make it the best choice of juice while having meal.


Design References


The references that I am looking for is illustrative, personalize, attracktive and simple design.  To stand out from other competitors most of them using the real photograph of orange so I think I want to create something a bit different design which only use illustration for the label design of the bottle.





Self Taken Juice Photograph



Design Development & Tryouts

Logo Sketches

Logo Tryouts



The logo uses the combination of two elements which are the leaf and juice, green leaves illustration to show the the important ingredient of the orange juice that come from the nature farm, the white background gives the feel of pure and clean atmosphere, the orange color represent the fruit color of the orange.

Illustration for Label Design

Label Tryouts


Poster Tryout

1st Tryout
2nd Tryout
3rd Tryout


Shopping Bag Tryout


Final Outcome

Nature Pressed Product







Shopping Bag










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