Juice Project – The Brief

About Me

Name: Crusenho Agus Hennihuno

Program: BGDSHU (Bachelor of Graphic Design Sheffield Hallam University)

Course: Graduation Project Graphic Design

Year 2 Sem 7



What is juice?juicing is not any healthier than eating whole fruits and vegetables it just more convenient to consume rather than peel and chew.  Why create juice? consume juice is one of the methods to stay healthy and fit, juice contains good nutrition and vitamins, therefore consume juice will be much easier to have a healthy lifestyle.

The aim is to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle and always stay fit through consuming juice, affordable, and convenient to carry the juice.  To create a new juice brand with an original ingredient, fresh fruit, and in a small portion in order to maintain the price.

Why create this project is such an important matter? Poor nutrition can cause disease because boys and girls often get less food—and less nutritious food — than they need, they are more likely to get sick.  There is few disease caused by low nutrition such as anemia, beriberi, diabetes, etc.  With juice which has nutrition and vitamins can provide the need very well.

Target Audience

18 – 25 Years Old
Basically targeting on the college student and worker for their breakfast or on the go, giving them convenient to consume real juice while living their daily lifestyle.  why in this age group because it’s important to maintain health when during the day we always busy with the work especially colleges student and employers.  With the juice carry on with them every day can prevent them to get sick easily and always stay healthy.

Intended Outcome

Going to create series of juice bottles with the different illustration on the label design, the idea is to convince people that the juice is a pure ingredient, fresh, and safe to consume.  There are three different bottles shape that existing in the market which has a small size portion juice.  In order to decide which one is suitable, the label design is needed first to be applied on the bottles to see which one is great to go on.  Currently still in development on the logo and label design.

to visualize how it’s going to be looked like, the references shown below is the example of the juice.

Design Style

The style is going to have an illustration, typography, printmaking, and simple design because it’s focusing more on the fresh ingredient.  From analog design converting to digital illustration artwork, that’s the method in this project in order to success the design.





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