Juice Project – Design Development and Concept

Print Making

Trying to make oranges and apple pattern from existing real fruit by cutting half the fruit and use black ink to create the printmaking patterns.  Experiment on the texture design or perhaps can be used on design label somewhere on it.


Most of the logo inspiration is from online design references existing juice brand in the world.  From the ideas, I create my own name of the logo and try to play with the typography to make it more interesting and attractive words.  First, start with rough ideas and a lot of attractive words in order to understand what is the most prominent logo and suitable for the project.  Second, after deciding the good logo next is to practice different types of font and testing on the size as well.  Third, is to begin to create the typography style of the fonts which in this logo will have a shape like orange pulp.

After done the analog part of design next is converting to digital platform which is in Adobe illustrator by using image trace and make the stroke clear and smooth.


The label design of the juice bottle is still under development and unfortunate have not show on this blog yet.  But there are some sketches about how going to play with the illustration design which is shown in this below picture.

The concept is “pure pressed” means freshly squeezed from the real fruit, so the label design will be going to have a transparent shape of orange so that the inside of the juice can be seen outside.  The word “pressed” bending low to the bottom is to show the pressure when you squeeze the orange and “pure” is the orange itself.  the concept is to show a healthy juice with a healthy fresh ingredient on it, the way of convincing people and giving the promise to the customers.


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