Monster Friend – Collage Design Art

It is a simple exercise in my class and we were told to draw a monster character that seems to be our friend.  In this task first, we were given to listen to songs music and draw it out emotion through drawing such as lines, shape, colors, circles, squares, or triangle.  It was quite challenging and creative task for us as a graphic design student to understand the reflective of a certain feeling of something and transform into a drawing.

Drawing from songs
Sorry I forgot to take the full drawing before doing collage

And the second task is to create a monster friend from whatever you drew after you listen to the songs, and do the cut & paste method or collage to form a character monster.  It can be used in any shape or size to cut it out from the drawing.

Before that actually, our lecturer gave us the reference of someone has done this task before by 5 years old child and each of us got one drawing from that, according to their drawing I have to relate to my creation in a way.

This drawing has done by a little girl 5 years old, and think it was quite interesting to get few ideas inside of her drawing for examples the triangle shape of the body looks like shells and the legs like octopus tentacles, also the head likes pizza.

And this is it, my final creation of my monster friend character and made collaging the pieces of illustration lines, shapes, and wet medium colors. Inspired by 5 years old little girl Sadidah.

New Doc 2017-04-25_2.jpg


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