Research & Proposal Presentation

In this my final year I will come out with my own self-directed project in order to be valuable to society.  In this post will show my first step of starting the project the research and proposal idea.


Health is the most important in our life whether we poor or rich healthy is always crucial to concern.  The issue here people don’t get fit and being lazy because of low nutrition or vitamins in their body.  A research said that poor nutrition can cause disease or certain risk in out body such as anemia, beriberi, diabetes, stress, tiredness, stroke, high cholesterol, tooth decay, eating disorders, and so on.Therefore, in this generation should concern to consume vitamins and good healthy lifestyle.


One way to have a healthy lifestyle is to consume fruit juice, nowadays consumer like very thing convenient and practical so I am thinking I like to create a new brand organic fruit juice in the market society in order to encourage them to have a healthy lifestyle.  Why? create a new brand since there were many brands existed because some product in the market juice has lost some important nutrition or low and too much sugar makes not like original fresh fruit.  A certain product has inconvenient packaging design of carrying the product in a way.  Since there is less awareness of promoting a good healthy lifestyle in society, I will create a new brand to start to create awareness about a healthy lifestyle with fruit juice.

Intended Outcome

The new brand that I am going to create is an organic fruit juice squeezed from the fresh fruit and will be going to promote around in the supermarket.  The intended outcome of this project is consist of packaging design, bunting, leaflet, and a t-shirt.  In order to success this project, a creative and innovative idea are needed to apply in the packaging design so that can stand from other competitors.  Other things to success is a serious research of how consumer like to consume the product in term of packaging design, color scheme, juice flavor, and so on.


Program: BGDSHU (Bachelor of Graphic Design Sheffield Hallam University)

Course: Graduation Project Graphic Design

Sem: 7/final year

For more further understanding please refer to the attachment.
Graduation Project Graphic Design - Proposal




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